Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable and Inviting

What can you do to make your kitchen more comfortable and inviting? It’s a good idea consider both form and function when designing your kitchen, especially if you are trying to sell. Most homebuyers are pleased with kitchen amenities, and the more relaxing and attractive yours looks, the more likely you are to receive a greater return on your investment. Here are some ways you can maximize comfort and appeal to your guests both visually and functionally!

Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable and Inviting

1. Design your kitchen for its best appearance as well as easiest use for its primary purpose

Sometimes it’s all about the look. By strategically positioning the room around the walls and doors, windows and appliances, you can make it look much more appealing than you think. Installing useful lighting is important as well if you want guests to experience a relaxed atmosphere and be in and around your space rather than feel lost in it.

2. Be practical about storage, utensils and counter tops

When you see a gorgeous appliance like a brand new refrigerator or stove, it can really amaze you. But after you take it home, it is a recipe for disaster trying to keep it organized. Similar with storage, put the utensils, bottled goods, paper towels and other necessities on a table or island. Luxurious linens are a wonderful touch, but could be costly over time as they get stained and dirty quickly.

3. Add some luxury to cooking and cleaning

Even if your kitchen is a workhorse, it doesn’t all have to be practical. You can make the area look warm and welcoming with small touches like crystal glassware or pottery. But if you enjoy cooking, there are a number of ways to create this feel with accessories like a bronze roaster, china collection, or even a nice casserole dish. Replacing those moderately-priced items with a substantial collection of expensive cookware, from high-end pots to glass and silverware can help make the kitchen a center of luxury.

4. Replace a kitchen island with a pantry

In any kitchen, the island is a logical place for food, dishes, and spices. But these items can easily accumulate, especially when your shelves are full of things you rarely use. Consider breaking up your island into a series of smaller sections and replacing the food prep for one of those sections (for example, your oven supplies for that area). Then, simply gain additional counter and cabinet space with shelving units. This upgrade is a bargain and it’s an easy way to give your large but sometimes functional room a brand new look!

5. Keep it organized!

Once you’ve got the large elements of your home cleaned up and in order, organizing your cabinets and appliances is essential for keeping them useful and looking nice. One of the most basic organizers includes using baskets or bins to put things in. For example, a soap basket is a great tool to have on those countertops near the sink or dishwasher. Baskets can be fresh some entries, and you want to add little unscented hurricane lights in the outdoors to add the illusion of candlelight. Another inexpensive organizer is slim inserts for small appliances like toasters and coffee pots. A lazy susan hangs on the wall infrared and has border to store small pots, beaters and utensils. You can even use the bottom half to organize.



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