Upgrade Your HVAC System and Save Money

Older HVAC system just aren’t as energy efficient as the more modern systems and your energy bills can start costing you a fortune.  While regular maintenance can keep your system running at peak performance it is still not as good as the current models are.  The fact is you can upgrade your HVAC system and save money in the long run, let’s look at how that can happen.

Upgrade Your HVAC System and Save Money

Regular Maintenance Keeps Costs Down

If the heat comes on in the winter and the air comes on in the summer then homeowners ignore their HVAC systems.  Little by little your energy bills increase and you simply attribute it to inflation.  Inevitably the heat dies on the coldest day in the winter or you will spend a week in the dog days of summer waiting for the HVAC company to repair your AC.  Big emergency calls can usually be attributed to smaller problems that happened earlier and were ignored.

Prevention is always better than the cure and since most people never notice when their system isn’t working the way it should, having a licensed HVAC contractor nip the problem in the bud is your best bet.  Regular inspections can find things like filters, leaks, cracks or any potential problems.  Filters get replaced and the technician can let you know if you repairs are needed or you need to finally replace your system.  Replacing your system can be expensive upfront but if it reduces energy costs by up to 40% then over time the replacement will pay for itself and then some.

Tips for Saving Money

If you want your system to run the way it should while not blowing the budget on your energy bills then here are some things you need to do all year round.

  • Adjust your thermostats accordingly. Turn the thermostats down when you go to work, when you return home don’t crank your thermostats.  You should never have your heat or AC on full blast.  Keeping your thermostats at the ideal temperatures helps your system to last longer.
  • Get your system checked every fall and spring. In the spring you want your technician to ensure there is enough coolant in your AC and in the fall you want to have all your filters replaced.
  • Ceiling fans are a money saving addition that looks good. They circulate the air and help your system run more efficiently.
  • Get the ducts in your home at least once a year. It not only helps your system to run more efficiently it also improves the air quality in your home. Clean ducts keep your home free of allergens and dust.
  • Proper insulation in your home makes sure your system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature consistent. The more common areas where you lose heat are around your windows and doors, make sure that everything is properly sealed and if need be then add plastic wrap around the windows.

All of the maintenance in the world is great but if you have an HVAC system that is more than a decade old it may be time to look at replacing it.  If you haven’t had to do any repairs you will soon.  It is far more expensive to run and a new cleaner and greener HVAC system will save you loads in the long run.


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