Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation on Budget

Redoing your bathroom can be exciting but costs can get out of control very quickly.  Keeping your bathroom renovation on budget is nowhere near as easy as the shows on HGTV make it out to be.  How deep your renovation is along with the fixtures and fittings you choose all drive up the cost of your project.  Let’s have a look at how you can keep costs down.

Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation on Budget

Do It Right the First Time

Doing the job on the cheap and ending up having to do it again in a couple of years doesn’t save you money, it just ends up costing you twice as much.  It is a misconception that doing things like re-installing your bathtub or getting your brother in law to help you is a road to disaster.  Getting friends to help can quickly lead to arguments especially if they aren’t as good at plumbing or carpentry as they think they are.  Add to that trying to organize everyone to pop by your house on a free Saturday, your renovation can take months.

Being your own project manager is a mistake unless you’re a general contractor or you have a history of successfully flipping houses.  This is what a contractor is for, they know how to stage the project so the drywall guy doesn’t show up before the demo guy or the plumber.  They will take care of the necessary permits and make sure that the work is up to code.

Cosmetic Renovations

Cosmetic renovations or ‘retrofits’ cost less than gutting and redoing the entire bathroom.  Once you start messing around with the layout of the bathroom then you need to bring in a plumber to move pipes and made sure that load bearing walls are properly supported.  The costs increase exponentially and you may not get the return you need if you’re planning on selling.  Keeping the toilet, sink and shower piping where it is lets you keep the costs of the renovation down.  You can still do plenty to update and fix your bathroom.

Choosing Your Tiles

Tiles make the bathroom but tiles can range in price from economical to luxury.  Here is how to choose the right tile for your renovation.

  • Stick with medium sized tiles. Those tiny mosaic tiles that are absolutely beautiful also cost a fortune.  The tiles themselves are pricey but it will take your installer forever to lay them out and install them.  They need to go on a perfectly flat surface or the flaws will show.  On the other hand, the extra large tiles, you would expect to be cheaper but they aren’t.  These tiles are heavy, cumbersome and take two people to install them.  Medium sized tiles are your best bet.
  • Don’t tile from floor to ceiling. It looks great having tiles from floor to ceiling but the install is more expensive and more complicated to install, rather just stick with tiling the wet areas surrounding the shower.

Don’t Go Crazy

Bathrooms, even the most luxurious of master suites are still small spaces, too many features end up competing with each other for attention.  Less is definitely more when it comes to your bathroom.  If you don’t want your costs to get out of control, then plan out your renovation to the last detail and stick to the plan.


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